Dilly and Dally

Dilly and Dally


Dilly and Dally

Size: 38cm (15") Dilly

Size: 37cm (14.5") Dally

The gorgeous Dilly panda has been in the wars, as you can see from her little repairs, but she still looks after her smaller sister, Dally. Dilly is made from soft plush fur in a pale apricot and contrasting blue-grey. She has a beautiful little face, with sparkling eyes with peachy felt backing and a stitched grey nose with dark shading.

Dilly is fully jointed and she wears a brown and white gingham ribbon, secured with a bell.

Sweet little Dally is the smaller sister of the equally pretty Dilly panda. Dally is made from a fantastic combination of deep plush fur in apricot, baby blue and lilac. Her paw pads are made from lilac suedette, with sculpted toes and stitched claws.

Dally's dear little face features deep set, dark eyes, which peek at you from underneath her eyebrows. She has chubby cheeks and an adorable two-tone nose stitched with both lilac and pale blue thread. She wears a pretty blue organza ribbon, secured with a sparkling button.IMG_0284

Quantity:  at  £120.00  each